Technische Infos


2 x MACKIE SR 1530 active FR Series tri-amplification:
500 total watts RMS delivered to internal transducers (300W RMS LF, 100W RMS Mids, 100W RMS HF) 2x Lambda Labs MF 15A Subbass

2x Lambda Labs MF 15A Subbass

High Power Subbass in Manifold technology; 1 x 15“ ultra long excursion driver with 4“ VC and special cone; aluminium demodulation rings;
with integrated 1600W RMS amplification module; DSP signal processor with preset selector onboard

5 x DB opera live 405 active
250+50 Watts/RMS bi-amplified loudspeaker
50 – 18.000 Hz, SPL 128 dB peak
15″ HighPower Woofer
1″ HF compression driver, 90°x60° dispersion

2 x DYNACORD AM12 active
250W (100Hz – 20kHz)
12″ Woofer
1″ HF driver

1 x Allen Heath QU 24 Chrome
PDF Datasheet mit Spezifikation zum Download

5 x SHURE SM58
3 x SHURE SM57
1 x AKG D112
2 x AKG C1000
2 x AKG C214
2 x AKG C460B
1 x AKG C535EB
6 x active D.I. box

1 x FENDER twin reverb amp.
1 x AMPEG svt3 + AMPEG 4×10″ cabinet
1 x ROLAND d90 keyboard

3x Fresnel 500W
6x Tri LED 18W PAR